Young Life Science in Europe 2017 (Speakers)

Gilbert Charles Antoine Faure: 

gcfProfessor of Inmunology at Université Lorraine, Nancy, France.

PhD in Medicine. PhD in Human Biology (Inmunopathology and Inmunogenetic).

Founder of “NANCYTOMIQUE” (Clinical Research Platform).

Member of the “Scientific Advisory Committee” of the “European Competence Center on Reproductive Medicine and Biology (CCRMB)”.


“Content Curation by (teachers and trainees) end-users for Knowledge Management and Information Literacy”

 “We will report on usage of the curation tool […]. Using this tool, it is posible to créate editorialized web magazines and to build searchable Content Hubs, both in an attractive format.”

 Liridon Hoxha (Kosovo Environmental Education and Research Center – KEERC):


Student of MD in Biological Sciences at the University of Konstanz.

Cofounder of the NGO “Kosovo Environmental Education and Research Center – KEERC” (KEERC)

Cofounder of “LiRiA-BW” (Association of the Academic Youth in Baden-Württemberg).


“How to enhance environmental education, where none is.”

KEERC (Kosovo Environmental Education and Research Center) is gathering students, professors and naturalists to work together to promote nature and why to protect it. (see )


An initiative founded by Paes Estudio Legal and Pretiump Finance, “for the sake of offering a comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice to those scientific entrepreneurs who are willing to start their business projects”

Daniel Paes Julián:Daniel

M&A and corporate lawyer. Member of the College of Lawyers of Barcelona since 2004.

Founder of “Paes Estudio Legal”, a firm specialized in corporate and M&A legal advice.


Sergio Palencia Mourelo:Sergio

Partner at “Pretiump Finance”, a consulting firm specialized in the economic and financial fields.


Niccolo Arecco:


MD in Chemical Biology and Molecular Imaging in Turin, Italy.

PhD student in Molecular Neuroscience and Epigenetics at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany.


The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is one of the world’s leading research institutions, and Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences.

María del Carmen Ovejero Benito:

Foto Carne

Ph.D in Neuroscience. M.S. in Biochemistry in Madrid. BSc Hons in Chemistry.

Postdoctoral researcher at Hospital Universitario La Princesa.


There are many paths in science. Everyone is unique and contributes to uncover the misteries of the universe and improve humans quality of life. You only have to choose yours, work very hard and enjoy the Walk.