Our team

Our team is composed by 4 main groups: executive board, internal group and association’s representatives and individual representatives.

Executive Board

The EB is the head of the association which main goal is the correct management of the organization.


From the left to the right: Ana, Stephanie, Kakha and Patricia.

Ana Horta (President and Co founder) – from Spain.

E-mail: president@youngeubio.com

Stephanie Lois (Vice President and Co founder) – from Spain.

E-mail: vicepresident@youngeubio.com

Kakha Mchedlishvili (Secretary) – from Georgia.

E-mail: secretary@youngeubio.com

Patricia Martín (Secretary Assistant and Co Founder) – from Spain.

E-mail: secretary@youngeubio.com

Internal Group

The Internal Group is the main group that advice the EB, helping them in different fields as Social Networks, international relations, a native English speaker and into the administrative stuff.


From the left to the right: Sarah, Luca, Victor. Jose and Delia.

Sarah Westergren (Translator) – from the USA. E-mail: translator@youngeubio.com

Luca Merlino (International Affairs) – from Italy.

E-mail: international.affairs@youngeubio.com

Victor Badillo (Administrative) – from Spain and Germany.

E-mail: admin1@youngeubio.com

José María de la Mata Chicharro (Administrative) – from Spain.

E-mail: admin2@youngeubio.com

Delia López Müller (Graphic Designer) – from Spain/Switzerland.

E-mail: graphic.designer@youngeubio.com

Association’s Representatives


From the left to the right: Kakha, Berina, Tin and Marija

Kakha Mchedlishvili – Representative from Young Biologists’ Association  from Georgia (ახალგაზრდა ბიოლოგთა ასოციაცია). E-mail: georgia@youngeubio.com

Berina Vrhovac – Representative from the Association of Biology Students of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Sarajevo (Udruženje studenata biologije u BiH-USB u BiH).

E-mail: bosnia.herzegovina@youngeubio.com

Tin Kocijan – Representative from Biology Students Association from Croatia (Udruga studenata biologije – BIUS). E-mail: croatia@youngeubio.com

Marija Trencheva – Representative from Biology Students’ Research Society from Macedonia (Истражувачко друштво на студенти биолози -ИДСБ).

E-mail: macedonia@youngeubio.com

Ester Premate – (Drustvo Studentov Biologije – DSB). E-mail: slovenia@youngeubio.com

Ana Horta – Representative from Spanish Association for Biology Students (Asociación de Estudiantes de Biología de España – AEBE). E-mail: spain@youngeubio.com

Adeline Galvanin – Representative from A-team of BioSE (Lorraine University, France). E-mail: ateamofbios.france@youngeubio.com

Kerli Reintamm – Representative from Bioteaduste Üliõpilaste Selts from Estonia.

E-mail: estonia@youngeubio.com

Joaquim Faria – Representative from Associação Nacional de Estudantes de Biologia from Portugal. E-mail: portugal@youngeubio.com


From the left to the right: Ana, Adeline and Kerli

Individual Representatives

In those countries where it doesn’t exist a national association, we got in touch with people that were interest to being part of YEB as representatives of their universities. Thus, there will be so representatives as universities are in each country.


From the left to the right: Alexander, Hákon, Seçkin and Donard.

Alexander Santel – Representative from the Ruhr Universität Bochum (Germany).

E-mail: bochum.germany@youngeubio.com

Hákon Björn Högnasson – Representative from the University of Iceland

Seçkin Eroglu – Representative from the Izmir University of Economics (Turkey).

E-mail: izmir.turkey@youngeubio.com

Alexis Panutsopoulos – Representative from the University of Patras (Greece).

E-mail: patras.greece@youngeubio.com

Remmer Janssen – Representative from the Heildelberg University (Germany).

E-mail: heidelberg.germany@youngeubio.com

Josephine Falkestrøm – Representative from the Roskilde University (Denmark)

Katya Dvoryaninova – Representative from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia). E-mail: moscow.russia@youngeubio.com

Carlo Leonardi – Representantive from the University of Pavia (Italy).

Donard Geci and Edison Kasumaj – Representantive from Prishtina University (Kosovo). kosovo@youngeubio.com

Eglè Beigaitè – Representative from the University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK).

E-mail: glasgow.uk@youngeubio.com


From the left to the right: Alexis, Remmer, Katya, Edison and Eglè