Interview with Dr.Halil Ibrahimi

Dr.Halil Ibrahimi (40) is a Professor at University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. First of all, I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to make this interview with you Prof.Halil.

Interview with Daniel García Martínez

Daniel García Martínez (28) is a biologist and researcher with the Paleoanthropology Group at the National Natural Science Museum (MNCN). Last Friday, he became a Doctor in biology with a focus in physical anthropology and geometric morphometrics. By the time we talked with him, he was about to defend his thesis. We thank him for granting us this interview about his research and his opinions on anthropology.

Interview with MycoGalicia

MycoGalicia is a start-up within the field of Mycology in Galicia, in the northwest region of Spain. This start-up was created by some students at the Universidad de Vigo with a huge interest in this field. Today, we have the pleasure to show you a brief interview that we have had with them. Enjoy it!

Interview with José Matos

José Matos is the President of the Official Chamber of Biologists from Portugal (Ordem dos Biólogos).

Interview with Nenad Nikolić

Nenad Nikolić is a Serbian molecular biologist working currently in Vienna General Hospital in Austria who focused his career on molecular medicine.