Biology Students Associations


The Biology Students’ Research Society (BSRS) is a youth research organization, which main focus is educating biology students, members and the general public on biology related topics, as well as researching and studying the biodiversity of the Republic of Macedonia.

Since its inception in 1995, it works divided in three areas: education of the membership on applicable biology and ecology, organization of field activities/trainings and publishing.

BSRS’s structure consists of sections in the society, which work on researching a specific taxonomical group. For this purpose every year, BSRS organizes two one-day field trips and one big two-week field trip.

In every fourth year, BSRS publishes its scientific journal “Bulletin of the Research Society of Biology Students”, which publishes papers on biodiversity.



Association of Biology Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina (USB u BiH) emerged from the Society of Biology Students (DSB) founded by students of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Sarajevo in November 2010, on the level of Sarajevo Canton. In order to have the organization registered on the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has been preregistered in January 2017 and renamed in USB. The main goals of the association are to provide education and experience for all students of biology, and to help find a field of interest.




BIUS – Udruga Studenata Biologije. The main objectives of the Association are encouraging and enhancing the cultural, entertainment, sporting and educational and research activities of students; evaluation, preservation and protection of nature and biodiversity through sustainable development and contribute to the establishment of a modern, free, democratic, plural and tolerant, non-violent society respect for different opinions, thoughts and ideas, freedom of choice, independence of the organization in the work, the public and democratic opinion and responsibility of the individual and organizations.



In YBA – Young Biologists Association their main objectives are:

• Consolidate young professionals from different fields of biology, to realize their ideas; raise interest and awareness about science;
• Cooperation with international and local organization and realization of educational projects;
• Improvement of young scientists’ computer skills;
• Organizing of competitions, scientific meetings, seminars, conferences and so on.
• Promote ecological education and biodiversity conservation;
• Promotion of “Birdwatching” in Georgia and raise involvement of young people.



The Spanish Association of Biology Students (” Asociación de Estudiantes de Biología de España – AEBE”) is a Spanish NGO founded by March of 2016 and legalized in Spain by July of the same year. The main objectives of this organization is to create a community where we could gather all the associations, delegations and students from all the country. We want to be a referent of information regarding higher education in Spain related to Biology studies in all their levels (BSc, MSc and PhD). We want to promote Biology through the Spanish society.


Societas Studiosorum Biologia e Universitatis Labacensis

Biology Student’s Society was formed in 1996 with the purpose to provide additional educational activities for biology students at Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana and to promote the exchange of experience between generations of students. Today it unites biology (and related) students from different Slovenian Universities and foreign students, well-known experts and all other nature lovers.

As a NGO with limited yearly budget we work voluntarily. Our main goal is to offer as much aditional activities as possible for our members with affordable and student-friendly participation fees. Thus we organize at minimum 2 biology student’s research camps every year (one in the Balkans and one in Slovenia). The camps are usually our biggest projects and are open to foreign students. However, we organize a lot of other activities – like 1-3 days field work excursions, student’s conference of biological sciences (we plan the next one in September 2018), we publish one or two issues of society’s bulletin per year and similar. There’s also always time for some social activities like picnics or different excursions, team-building trips and so on.


Adul TeamAssociation Ad’ul Team (association for phD students in biology, health and environment from the Lorraine University):

This association has been founded in 2012 and its goal is to promote a cohesion between phD students by organizing some events for relaxing such as: laser game, bowling, weekend of hiking, afterworks in bars. We are here also to help any students (master and phD students in their administrative routines) and give information as much as possible to them. Another important point, we promote science in general (not only biology) by organizing Science Apéro where the goal is to develop science vulgarization by presenting a project in front of non-initiated people around a drink.


1 PARIM logo_transparent Bioscience Students’ Association (BSA, Bioteaduste Üliõpilaste Selts or BÜS in Estonian), founded in April 2013, is an organisation consisting of students of biosciences, who mostly study genetic engineering, biomedicine, molecular biology or cell biology. The aim of this association is to improve the studies and scientific work in the field of biosciences in Estonia.

Our main goals are:

  • developing and enhancing the curricula of biosciences
  • improving the possibility of international studies
  • popularising the field of biosciences
  • building connections between our association and Estonian or foreign organisations, which could help us in promoting our field

Sovereign authority belongs to the General Meeting, which takes place two times a year. BSAs membership (as of October 2016) consists of 80 members, including 5 board members, who lead the association between General Meetings, and 7 working group leaders.

BSA members can contribute to the sustainability of our association by participating actively in the work of our working groups while gaining invaluable experience in organising different events, public speaking and communicating with different people.


ANEBio logo.png

The National Association of Biology Students (“Associação Nacional de Estudantes de Biologia”, ANEBIO), founded on the 23rd February of 2003, is a non-profit organization which has as main goals:

  – Represent the Biological Sciences higher education students, both on a national and international level

  – Create a network of information sharing between them

  – Promote the connection between the academic and the social/professional sides of the Biological Sciences

  – Cooperate with entities relevant in the fields of the Biological Sciences

It brings together many regional Student Nuclei and Councils, all in association under the ANEBIO’s banner, which are constituted by Biological Sciences higher education students from all over Portugal, and also other Biological Sciences higher education students which are not affiliated with any Student Nucleus or Council.


NIDSBE - logo.jpg

The Scientific Research Society of Biology and Ecology Students “Josif Pančić“ is a non-governmental and non-profit organization at the Department of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia. The society gathers students of biology, ecology and everyone else who is interested in doing scientific research, as well as protection and improvement of environment. Students also engangein education in before mentioned topics. The society was established in 1974. but not until the statute was passed in 1983. did the society begin with their activities. Society enables students to volunteer in various projects regarding biology, ecology and environmental protection. Additionally, the society is a publisher of „Terenac“, a magazine dedicated to nature protection. Till today society has implemented numerous projects and fieldworks which present a great contibution to better protection of the biodiversity in our country.