About us

Young European Biologists (YEB) is a non-profit organization made by and for Biology students who are either studying or looking to study in Europe.

We look forward to meeting and collaborating with Biology Student Organizations across Europe and hope to become the nexus between them.

Our main objectives are to:

  1. ­  Promote the exchange of ideas between young biologists.
  2. ­  Become a central hub for the numerous activities taking place inside the world of European Biology.
  3. ­  Provide a fast and simple access to information about the previously mentioned        activities.
  4. ­  Systematically inform students about the various Bachelor, Master and PhD programs, related to Biology, offered in Europe at the time.
  5. Improve the networking between us.

At a European level, our goal is to improve the communication between universities from different countries and connect students to opportunities in Biology, by establishing our organization as the link between them. To achieve this, we are counting on the participation of representatives from each school.