SymBioSE 2017 Sweden

The last week of July was celebrated SymBioSE, a Symposium of Biology Students in Europe with the aim of exchanging ideas, perspectives and experiences between students of diferent countries.

In the edition of this year, celebrated in Sweden, our members Jose de la Mata (administrative of YEB), Katya Dvoryaninova (YEB representative from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia), and Seçkin Eroglu (YEB representative from the Izmir University of Economics, Turkey) participed and made a summary about the symposium:

Founded in 1996, SymBioSE borned with the aim to connect all the biology students of Europe broading the horizons of the participating with communications, lectures and excursions, and also sharing information about current university matters. The edition of this year was celebrated in the last week of July, and was focused in Sustainability as a main topic of the event, in one of the most sustainable countries, Sweden.

“Before going to the symposium”, said Jose, “everyone had some expectatives about the meeting. We expected to go to an event where presenting oral communications and scientific posters of different researches, making debates, and assisting to differents lectures of some proffesionals. Moreover, we knew this event was also a space for meet students and young biologists of different countries in Europe (an important task for young people nowadays…). However, we also realised SymBioSE is more than this. It’s also a space where mark new lines in our scientific careers and researches due to the advices of the participants of the symposium. From knowing recommendations about the best countries for apply to an Erasmus, to learning new technologies applied for counting of cells.”

“Symbiose is organized by students for students with an atypical non-hierarchic structure”, continued Seçkin. “During Symbiose, we have listened to several keynote lectures given by prominent scientists. Tomas Björklund told about an amazing gene therapy that induces dopamin secretion in the brain to fight symptoms of Parkinson disease. Stanley Heizetook us a trip to the secrets of the brain of a navigating bee. John Couchman showed us a wonderful example of how basic science on an extracellular matrix led to clinical implications. Besides key note lectures, by listening oral presentations we discovered which lab is studying what in which level throughout Europe. This information can be critical to facilitate international collaborations.”

In this edition, Katya participated for the second time.

“I should admit that by now that is the best event for young biologists – it covers a broad variety of topics from botany to molecular biology, what allows all the participants not only know more about research questions in different areas, but also get feedback from people with different background! Besides all the presentations, SymBioSE provides participants with an excellent platform for scientific networking – you can make new contacts with enthusiastic researchers from other countries, and even establish new collaborations! But the topmost advantage of SymBioSE for me is the atmosphere of friendship and awesome social programme, that makes this symposium incredible! I would definitely recommend SymBioSE to all the students!

Definitely, SymBioSE 2017 Sweden overcame our expectatives enhancing our enthusiasm for the scientific research and giving us desires for apply in the next edition, of SymBioSE 2018 in Croatia!




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