XI Spanish Research Conference for Pre-graduate Students of Health Sciences and the XVI Conference of Veterinary Science and Biomedicine

The 2017 edition of the XI National Research Conference for Pre-graduate Students of Health Sciences and the XVI Conference of Veterinary Science and Biomedicine in Spain was celebrated in Madrid, Spain,  the last April.

A space dedicated to facilitating encounters between students of various degrees such as biology, psychology, medicine, veterinary science, etc…and to allowing them to dive into the world of scientific research by presenting their first projects.

José María de la Mata, organizational member of AEBE and YEB, volunteered at the conference and has prepared a brief report on the event:

<< Excitement, effort, and perseverance.

3 words which describe the atmosphere at the Pre-graduate Researchers Conference.

I am José María de la Mata, administrative officer at YEB and AEBE, and volunteer at the Health Conference.


As a volunteer at the event, I cannot be less than satisfied at the sight of the smiling faces of hundreds of students, who during these three days, were immersed in the world of research. Many of them presented their projects which will later become their bachelors theses. It is definitely a smart way to prepare a thesis defense in the best way possible! Others, simply presented their projects with much enthusiasm in order to improve their communication skills, and to immerse themselves in the field of scientific research without fear of the obstacles they could encounter along the way.

At the conference, the students reaped the benefits of the many hours of hard work they put into the projects; some with prizes and others with a marvelous experience. All left energized from experiencing the beginning of a new phase that will influence their professional careers.

It was a very well-rounded event. The perfect spot to exhibit the first results of all the effort they have put in. It was also an ideal place to hear about the experiences of students in other fields such as health and veterinary science, and to build a network of contacts in perfect harmony, which will always be more useful than to simply improve a LikedIn account. This will make it easier to keep in touch with different professions which we will most probably collaborate with in the near future 🙂

But I have taken away more than just science contacts. I have also gained a great sense of security after seeing the humility, confidence, and satisfaction of those who will be our future doctors, psychologists, veterinaries, nurses, opticians…and of those who will soon be biologists. And once again I understood that even though degrees such as nursing, medicine, etc., are so different to Biology, in many ways they end up giving each other a hand to cooperate around the same goal, aware that the knowledge gained in one degree is not necessarily sufficient for achieving different scientific ends.

Finally, I want to thank the National Research Conference for Pre-graduate Students of Health Sciences, the Department of Psychology of the Complutense University of Madrid, and my fellow students and volunteers for the preparation and execution of such a revitalizing event.

To the next attendees of the upcoming conference, I want to say that the biology students of the Complutense University of Madrid would be happy to received you next year in our Faculty of Biology, location for the next edition of the conference in 2018. >>


Made by Jose María de la Mata.

Translation by Sarah Westergren.

La imagen puede contener: 7 personas, personas sonriendo, personas de pie


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